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Now, as many salespeople do the equivalent to an Irish jig to get out of it when questioned… the facts remain the same, if it’s not entered into Salesforce, it never happened!

It is becoming more and more important in this fast pace market to ensure that everything is on a central CRM, if not, we squander the opportunity to analyze the pipeline, wins and losses. Everything needs to be logged but getting buy-in from the entire sales team is hard.

We all do our job differently, so if in the past we closed deals and hit our numbers nobody asked any questions – it was working so nobody had a need to change it. But now we’ve seen the benefit of analyzing the data, gaining strong insights across various accounts and products. High-performing sales teams are 10.5 times more likely than under performers to experience a major positive impact on forecast accuracy when using intelligent capabilitiesThis data helps us refine our messaging and customers profiles. It’s transforming the ‘I’ to ‘we’.

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With strong data analysis the deals flow steadily and you have supporting stats to help you scale your team or grow your market share.

"According to research, dirty data- data that is error, duplicated, or fraudulent- costs the U.S economy $3 trillion per year."(Saleshacker) And the average company, according to Experian can lose 12 percent of it's revenue due to bad data.  

 Another perspective to consider is if a sales rep is ill or suddenly leaves. With all the data up to date, any active deals or conversations are transferred seamlessly, and the company maintains its professional image. We forget how much knowledge a single sales rep holds, and unfortunately when a sales rep leaves, even temporarily, those ‘conversations’ revert to square one.

With the advancement of voice-and-text to CRM we are able to clean our pipelines and handle more deals or opportunities at any given time. AI is the top growth area for sales teams — its adoption is forecasted to grow 139% over the next three years. As soon as the sales team experience the results and notice the reduction in time spent on updating their CRM manually, adoption will certainly increase.

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