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Large, strategic accounts do not come easy. You need to be willing to make a significant investment and take a different approach. It doesn’t have to be complicated. But if you want the sales salespeople charged with winning large accounts to succeed, you have to understand that they will need…

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Today’s B2B buyers expect personalized service and flexible sales processes to help accommodate them. But funnel dynamics keep shifting and processes need to shift with them. For this reason, many are starting to think less about the sales process and more about the sales stack. That is, the technology stack that helps sales teams adapt their processes to drive results. If you answer “no” to...

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This is the story of a superstar salesman we’ll call Jon. In his first year on the job, Jon hit the top 10% in his territory. In the second, he made the top 5% of his region. Then his company put together a superstar team and made Jon the sales manager. Within a year, the company lost more than half the star reps they’d assigned to this team. Here’s why…

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8 Lead Response Secrets to Help You Win

Buyers today do their homework before they talk to a salesperson. If they reach out to

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5 CRM Workflow Tips

Your sales team is spreading out. In the past five years, the number of virtual workers in the U.S. has increased 800 percent. At least 60% of employees work in different locations from their supervisors. That means you’re going to be a lot more dependent on your CRM data to manage your team and drive results.

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You’re about to lose your sales team. Or at least their presence. The mobile workforce is on the rise and a significant number of companies expect that more than 75 percent of their staffs will be working remotely by 2020. And your sales team is ripe for this disruption.

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All sales processes are pretty much the same. You contact the lead, present, address objections and close. In larger organizations, there may be several presentations, each with their own set of objections. But within that workflow, top performing salespeople use a few simple techniques to be more effective.

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How fast does your sales team respond to leads? How long does it take to book appointments? These are critical questions because timelines is a key driver of sales results.

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Just about everybody who works with data has a data quality problem. IBM estimates the cost of poor quality data to be $3.1 trillion in the United States alone. If you’re in sales operations, your department likely contributes to this figure every day. But it doesn’t have to.

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Quick, what do the most successful sales teams have in common with the best comedians? The word “quick” in the last sentence is actually a hint.”

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Here’s a great way to start the day. Wake up a half hour early. Make a list of your top 5 priorities. Then cross out the bottom two. The initial list and the remaining priorities will be very different for people in different sales positions.

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